What Could I Say To Make The UCI Sue Me

                                    Patty Practising The Vulcan Mind Meld
Face it, anyone who writes a blog wants to be read. It isn't the reason I make up this rediculous ridicule but I will admit my favorite thing is to check the stats. That is until I asked a friend what kind of traffic his blog attracts. His answer was something like 80 thousand unique visits each post. I was amazed. Seriously though this guy has a real blog and I only write an occasional good paragraph but JESUS that's a lot of hits. You'd think the guy'd get laid more often but he lives in his moms basement with a couple cats forty bikes and a record collection that keeps him busy re-alphabeticalizing vinyl when he's not writing so he a little short on time.
But to the point, how's a guy like me and by like me I mean an Idiot, get readers when I offer really nothing new to the story?
Start some shit that's how. I figure if I could get the UCI to sue me for liable like Patty McQuaid's suing Floyd my blog views would go from basically nothing to almost something.
So here goes;
When Patty speaks people listen. Especially when he's telling you just how much of a donation he's expecting from each one of your team members. This UCI shit ain't free son.

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Johann Rissik said...

Who's the Catholic priest?