Kids Caught In The Middle

Yeah SSCXWC 2011 is way over and the dead horse or dragon or whatever that cartoon is has been beat thoroughly but it's still pissing me off. The promoter released this bit of bullshite in an attempt to explain letting the "winners keep their championship title. But again the promoter is getting it wrong. Only the next host of the SSCXWC can decide who and who not to let race not the past promoter. Now the promoter is making up rules again. Remember the only rules are race a SS bike and get the fucking tattoo.

 I don't know what went down between Chris and Julie and that ridiculously expensive and pretentious Ralpha but I'm guessing it was something like; Ralpha Corporate Douche: alright kids get out there and race. Kids Caught in the Middle: but we didn't do the qualifying events and Julie doesn't have a SSCX bike.  Ralpha Corporate Douche: like I said, get out there and win this thing. Don't worry about the rules this is SS racing and there aren't any. Kids Caught in the Middle: but neither of us want a tattoo. Ralpha Corporate Douche: Yeah well if Barry Wicks didn't get one then you won't have to either. Now get out there and make us look cool.

Kids Caught in the Middle later that day: Lets drink a beer then get the fuck out of here.



Hey Lance! They Need That Money Back!

The USPS lost 5.1 Billion in 2011 and are doing everything they can to keep from going belly up. Think about all the unemployable people that have done nothing but THAT job for 15, 20 even 30 years going on unemployment. It's a nightmare politically so someone has to be the scapegoat. You know, draw some attention away from the real problem. And there ain't nobody bigger than the biggest name in US cycling.
They don't care about that or what Lance's "foundation" might be doing for cancer awareness. Shit we're all kinda aware of it like already. Also don't think for a minute that Hincapie talking to Federal Investigators isn't as serious as being subpoenaed by a Grand Jury. It's how they arrange the batting order of witnesses. (that's a solid Berry Bonds reference)



Worlds 2015 In Richmond Va...How The Fuck Did That Happen?

 Patty McQuaid wanted to bring it to the US and nobody else wanted it.

Here's how it went down, Shadetree Sports European partner Darach McQuaid and local boy David Kalman are having dinner with ol Patty somewhere in the EU talking all things cycling. Then sometime later after Kalman gets back to the US he gets a call from Count Darach letting him know that Big Brother wants to throw America a bone and bring Worlds 2015 to the US and wondered if he could think of any place that might want to host. Well David say's how about Richmond? Then starts in about how Tour Dupont/Trump came through Richmond a few times and stuff. Then the other countries not really wanting to host started not lining up and dropping out. So by default Richmond got it. Which ironically is how during the War Between The States Richmond Became the Capitol Of the Confederacy and we all know how that turned out.  



Andy Schleck

is riding clean and it shows. 

Anyone Want Another Round? Only If Someone Else Is Buying

                                                           Buying The Bullshit.
Just when we thought we were done with this Ass Clown Meridiana-Kamen signed "Rio" Ricco' and will start him at the Tour of Serbia. Why? Is there no one else for this Continental squad to choose from? Has Italy run out of Dirty Italians to waste time with? Stupid move filling a spot on the team with this doper when he'll not be allowed to race in Sicily for the championship of Italy.
What happened to bar tending school Rio? Didn't you hear? MTV is in Italy. You could be hooking up with some sweet American girl all summer.  

                                                       And Jersey Girls Are Easy


The Unofficial Beginning Of Summer Has Officially Begun

And that means instant upper 90's the day after Memorial weekend. I hear the bitching about the heat and humidity every summer but I just smile because when it gets like this the plants all die and I start to feel great. I like it hot as a two dollar whore on quarter night so go fuck yourself, I'm riding fast working hard and damn thirsty.
Speaking of work, I can't seem to retire from my life in home interiors. I guess 28 years just isn't enough so they pulled me back in to help a friend renovate a bathroom. But I have help cutting out the old plumbing

                        Do not fuck with Satin when it comes to demo
 Then there's this TV Production thing that's reared it's ugly head for the month of June. Two day's here and there for the month. Which then brings me to July. Oh how I loved the past ten plus years during July. Living in the ignorant bliss of professional cycling. From 2000 to 2003 I was able to manipulate my schedule so that I'd be doing projects on my home that I was renovating. I'd wake up to a full pot of coffee and croissants, yogurt and cereal, sliced fruit and a sack of weed. I'd watch the Tour until Paul and Phil signed off then watch the start again then get up from the couch and work until it was time to meet my friends for a ride.

                                                        Gavia Pass, Up And Back

I rode all the time, in the rain in the cold winter temps in the heat of mid afternoon. I traveled to France and rode parts of the tour in early May 2003 then trips to other parts of Europe four more times until 2007. Somewhere in between all this I started hearing that all these guy were full of shit. Sure one or two got busted each year but not all of them could be frauds. I hated the thought that these past years I was duped and hung on to Christmas as long as I could. But Finally it sunk in, these are not the mighty men of cycling I was looking for, these were Droids I found.
                              So kiss my Evil ass as it sits on the couch this coming July mornings. I still have a lot of projects to do around the house. Hate the players not the game, I'll always love Le'Tour.