The UCI Are Being Dicks Again

                                       Voted Most Likely To Succeed Cheat
“This is another example of the UCI being unwilling to play ball with its constituents and partners,” said Vaughters. “I’ve been on record saying that the UCI needs broader representation from riders and teams, and it needs to look for ways to delegate responsibility for anti-doping controls to avoid conflicts of interest.”

 Amgen Tour of California is unwatchable anyway.
 Radio Stack riders Chris Horner and Levi Leipheimer have been sandbagging this race for years now taunting a few domestic pro teams along with some European teams that didn't make the Giro cut. It's like Super Week without the office park crits and a few less Dirty Italians chopping the corners.
Although the man to beat, Levi, got beat last time that won't happen again this year. Unless he didn't time his peak right again. But no worries Horner's there to pick up any Radio Slack.
Fuck it, I'm riding instead of watching racing.

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