There Is Some Good Shit Out There

                                                                Ahead of the Field

It's just good medicine right?

Just ask your local doc if she can help. Is there a duck in the room?

Safety of PRP remains to be an issue since increases GF in a local area may be a cancer promoting effects.Other concern is the use of bovine thrombin in activating the PRP release to cause immunogenic reaction. So far most of published data showed it is safe to use the product, however, future study in this area is certainly needed.

Bovine Thrombin

The 'H' is for Heifer

But there's no need to talk to your doctor.

Next time you get your ass kicked in the cat 3-4 race think about what you need to do to be competitive.
Because that multi vitamin and Endurox just ain't gonna cut it anymore.


Anonymous said...

Can I also get some Botox while getting PRP? Inquiring minds want to know.

Velo Shitstorm said...

feel good look good, the cortisone queen is there to help