The Rapture Is Upon Us My Cycling Friends

It's Over, George Hincapie Is Bullet Proof
“Look at all the fans out here; the race is doing awesome,” said Hincapie. “It has incredible support and incredible sponsors. I believe in cycling. I believe in what cycling has done. I believe cycling has done more than any other sport to make it a clean sport. Why can’t we focus on that?”

Because George nobody cares about cycling in the US of A. They only care about the story. You know the one; Texas bike racer and cancer survivor beats the odds to become the greatest professional cyclist of all time.
Starts a foundation in his name to help those stricken with what he went through. Has a big run on hot women including a rock star who all look way too much like his mother. 
That's what has brought cycling to the attention of main stream America. Not the sport but the drama.
 Well we'll all be eating this Shitstorm up with a spoon now that Hincapie has testified to the Feds that He and Lance have been bumping the Juice all this time. Hincapie has no motive but to tell the truth and like Lance never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. You can not touch his credibility. He Is Lance Proof.

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