I Wish A Tragic Loss On No One

                                                             RIP Wouter Weylandt
I have the authority to tell you about grieving. You don't get the details, I'll only say I lost some loved ones in a horrific instant. For anyone who has experienced an unreasonable death of someone they love you will concur; it is a pain that is physical and metaphysical.
 Tyler Farrar held his shit together well today, riding in his friends honor but now he just wants to get the fuck out of there. I know exactly what he feels. There are things you HAVE to do in the terrible event of tragic death and he came through like a champ. Now he will try to get on with it the best he can but it ain't easy. How he finds his way is all up to him. Some do better than others but no one ever gets over it.
I hope all Wouter's people find what I did, what it really means to walk around each day. How the little shit does not fucking matter and that it's okay to just stop and let it all go whenever you need.

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