No slap on the wrist this time. Barry Bonds just got convicted of lying to the Fed's. But Lance and Company? This has to do with money, a lot of money. Lying to Congress is like a married man lying to his wife or mistress or both. Sure it pisses them off  but they kind of expect it and as long as he pays the cash penalty when caught and promises not to do it again he walks away a free man. But get caught taking money from the purse and your in the dog house. Or in Lance's case, The Big House. The Federal Government hates it when anyone gets away with someones cash especially with an in your face law suit to get Dat Money!
Bonds just got big then hit a bunch of homers lied in some bullshit meeting on The Hill went to court and spent a bunch of his own money never admitting to anything got fined and walked away.
Lance and Tailwind took 5 million of some insurers money. The hands of insurance companies are so deep in the pockets of anyone who keeps their job by being "elected" that American Icon or not, Lance Armstrong Is Going Down Like A Drunk Freshmen At Her First Fraternity Party.
My only hope is he walks into Federal Prison on the 4th of July 2012.


andrew rosenberg said...

i started wearing my livestrong bracelet again, i admire gangsters

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Great Pic!

Anonymous said...

Thug life lives!