High Priced Cool Is Hard to Maintain

  Maybe they should have just stuck with the wool jersey that had a beer mug on it.
In our relentless quest to provide superior wool garments, we have at times resorted to some less than completely tested science. As can be expected with any experimentation, there is an element of risk involved when pushing the envelope. In this case, our efforts to produce the next super-wool had the unfortunate contingent side effect of propagating an outbreak of zombie sheep.

Understandably, this has caused some unforeseen complications for our day to day operations. Therefore, it is with great regret that we have to temporarily suspend our regular business operations. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but please bear with us.

We're confident that this outbreak will be contained in an orderly fashion and once we clean up the remains and make sure to burn everything, we will be back to business as usual (albeit with a few changes in our operating structure).

Keep an eye on this space; we will be back up and running before you can say "ovine listerial meningoencephalitis." Stay tuned!

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