Worlds 2015 In Richmond Va...How The Fuck Did That Happen?

 Patty McQuaid wanted to bring it to the US and nobody else wanted it.

Here's how it went down, Shadetree Sports European partner Darach McQuaid and local boy David Kalman are having dinner with ol Patty somewhere in the EU talking all things cycling. Then sometime later after Kalman gets back to the US he gets a call from Count Darach letting him know that Big Brother wants to throw America a bone and bring Worlds 2015 to the US and wondered if he could think of any place that might want to host. Well David say's how about Richmond? Then starts in about how Tour Dupont/Trump came through Richmond a few times and stuff. Then the other countries not really wanting to host started not lining up and dropping out. So by default Richmond got it. Which ironically is how during the War Between The States Richmond Became the Capitol Of the Confederacy and we all know how that turned out.