The Hardest Part About Friday The 13th Waking Up On Saturday The 14th

Do you feel yucky punk? Yes I probably will. I’m seriously thinking about tequila for the 13th. I have a close and personal relationship with the Agave’ and lime. So much so that once I saw god on the Tequila punched the little bitch in the face then fucked his girlfriend. The next morning I awoke to a swollen fist and a screaming case of herpes. Obviously god has a hard head and bad taste in women. The herpes went away but my hand still hurts and from what I hear that’s more than fair. Devine intervention I suppose. God knew he had it coming and gave me a pass. Or did he? Maybe there will be a round two? But whatever happens on Friday there needs to be a Saturday and Saturday is about long suffering on a road machine and making circles on the cycle. Unless of course it’s raining. Nothing but fair weather suffering here, don’t want to get wet, that would be irresponsible.


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