I'm Going Through A Little Bit Of Angry Right Now

But really who could blame me for this ("WTF"!!) in parentheses, quotes and double exclamation points?
There's one guy that I wish worked as a team director of whoever this fuckstick Zirbel ratted out,

                                                                                         Silvio Dante

What, you were expecting Tony Soprano? Fuck that guy, Silvio is much better suited for the job of beating the hell out of this little shit, breaking his legs, banging his girlfriend and his mother then wiping the WADA off his dick onto Zirbel's arm warmers.
Freaking dopers and deal makers.


Cyclist Riccardo Ricco Called For Questioning

ROME (AP) — Italian cyclist Riccardo Ricco has been called for questioning by the doping prosecutor of Italy's Olympic Committee.
In English but with a very thick Italian accent;

IOC: "Riccardo, it has come to the attention of the IOC that when you were hospitalized for kidney failure you repeatedly informed the attending physician of a self transfusion using your own blood stored in the refrigerator."

RR: "That's-a not-a what-a happened, as-a you know-a I have a dream-a. To become-a the worlds best-a Bartender-a. It's-a true-a that I had-a my own blood-a in the Frigidaire-a but it was-a being used-a with de celery and the Vodka-a. The best-a Bloody Mary-a is made-a with your own blood-a...No?"


Who Don't Dope Sunday, Cadel Evans (Supposedly)

   He shows passion (code for mood swings)
 win in the seventh stage of the Giro d'Italia

And who doesn't want to have a good cry after 100+ miles in the rain . Yet I find his roid rage behavior suspect. But I certainly understand wanting to bitch-slap some grabbie handed "reporter" when you've just drilled it for 5 hours in a stage of the freaking Tour day France. So for now Cadel you get the benefit of the doubt.
But don't disappoint me, you wouldn't like me when I'm disappointed.


That's Fucked Up Friday, A Doper Story From The Past

Imagine doing all the right things to get ready for an event. Eating right, training right, not doping, all in preparation for an unsanctioned short hill climb race for charity. It's a special day, your Dad and Grandfather are there at the finish. Both who have done this race one time or another in it's past 34 years. There's a lot of big name racers and riders participating and you really want to do well because it's your second year as a pro cyclist and a chance to prove you're a climber.

Then this guy shows up after being suspended for 2 years by the UCI for doping and ruins it for everyone.

What the hell is he doing here?

Oh that's right, it's an unsanctioned event for charity so he's not band from participating.    

2006 Mount Washington Hill Climb
1 Tyler Hamilton                       52.21
2 1 Ned Overend                           2.20
3 2 Ian Ayers                                 6.12

You would have thought somebody might have raised hell. Maybe somebody did, but certainly never these guys


Product Review
Time ASX Titan Carbon Crankset
Current Price MSRP: $ 1,427.94

 Someone brought a bike to the shop with a set of these cranks on it wondering if we had the "Time" to possibly fix this issue.

 I've known about these cranks ever since I was on a ride in 2007 and witnessed a guy forced to do a one legged drill while the non-drive-side crank arm was dangling attached to his cleat.
It seems as though Time decided to do all the R&D for this crankset using feedback from people who bought them.
A couple of R&D engineers can be found here discussing some of the finer points of the cranksets performance.
Aside from a small amount of chain ring bolt disintegration there also seems to be a problem with the carbon/titanium interface. Fanciness for saying the glue used has a shelf life of 4 years to around 45 minutes.
So at any moment during a ride/race the through axle releases from the chainring spider. Now who says road riding is boring with that kind of uncertainty and excitement at every pedal stroke. 


Pay Attention Lance, This Will Be You In About Two Years

Barry Bonds arrives at the federal courthouse in San Francisco, Monday, March 21, 2011. The Bonds perjury trial is finally scheduled to get under way, more than three years after baseball's all-time home run leader was charged with lying to a federal grand jury when he denied knowingly taking performance-enhancing drugs. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez


Who Don't Dope Sunday

Jonny Sundt don't dope.

Monster Track 2011

 I wondered how many flies would be attracted to this (see ad in last post)  fake NYC Hoe-Bag Gag. Turns out more than a couple people didn't pay attention to the ad as a whole. Well then they got this, "So I'm going to let you off the hook. Ad is a fake.
But when were you going to realize that the photo was the same one from the party."

There's only one email that I'll post just because it's so funny. Sure the dude's going to feel like an ass but I can't help that, remember, he replied to the ad.
So here goes,

Reply, Ill be in Williamsburg today text me xxx-xxx-xxxx 

Me, can't text, lost my phone the same night I found this bag. give me a time and meet me at the corner of wythe and grand.

Reply, 12pm sharp wythe and grand

Me, Sure, I'll be there. How will I know you?

Reply, Ill have a blue bike and ill spot you with the bag.
So 12pm Grand Wythe by the park

Me, Sure, got it blue bike. What kind of wheels? It's just like a lot of blue bikes around, very popular color now I guess.

Reply, Haha youll know its me when you see me saying hey monster track bag at 12 by the corner
I am gonna be on my way now. 12 sharp!
would you have a house number I can call?

Me, no home phone, my landlord won't let me get any utilities. I even have to poach the wifi from the next building. Dude's a real dick. Anyway I'm headed down now gonna get some coffee and a muffin so I might be a minute after 12. You want anything from Starbucks?

Reply, Haha thanks Im alright, see you there

Me, Alright man whateva. We could grab a couple of drinks later with this $50 though.

Reply, yo  i came thru
where you at I have cash in hand
Ill be near thre area so let me know

Me, what are you talking about, I got there like 5 til 12 and walked right up to you. asked if you had the $50 in cash for the bag and sold it to you. Blue bike right? Like I said lots of blue bikes around. Should have told me what kind of wheels you have like I asked. No wonder that kid looked so confused. Well shit now I feel bad. Tell you what, you want to meet at Rock Star Bar in like an hour? First couple rounds on me.

Thats it as of now and I'm sure when word gets around there won't be anymore emails. But doesn't that kind of suck, I was just getting started.

Reply, I read the blog post I knew it was fishy to begin with I wanted to try to get the bag back any way I work right around the corner from that address even *%!$$ came through about the bag floating around

Me, Sorry you're up as the butt of the joke and there's no back peddling (Pun intended)

Reply, Joke or not I was trying to help a friend out its messed up someone took the prize like that

Me, Agreed,

Reply, I didnt like that you posted our convo in your blog making me sound like I wanted to buy a stolen bag, obviously its stolen I just wanted the bag returned to its rightful owner

Me, Notice no names? you really have to start paying attention.

Reply, I know its no names Im just saying the post is to make me feel like an ass, but again it was with the guys at monster track and the winner of monstertrack that has my back. Its whatever one of these days we should have some drinks and ride!

Me, It's called a practical joke, punked, pwned. Your friends know what you were trying to do. Hell, everyone reading and enjoying this (at your expense) know what you were trying to do.


Woke Up With A Hoe Bag

Messenger bag for sale - $50 (Grand st.)
after seeing this, well I just couldn't resist this Craigslist ad.

Date: 2011-03-19, 8:28AM EDT

I don't know why I drink so much
It seems like every time I get shitfaced I end up regretting something. Like waking up next to some really ugly bag I brought home from the bar.
I found this in my flat and have no idea how it got here.
You can meet me near Wythe and South 2nd. Bring cash

  • Location: Grand st.
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 2273851036-0

I get it, kids just wanna have fun and it is after all NYC. But put on a skid lid when you "bike and destroy"


Riccardo Ricco, Busted on the MIRCERA in 2008 then crashes his Kidneys with his own bad blood in 2011. Next up, schlepping drinks. This kid is going places!

“I don’t want to race anymore, no chance. I’ve turned the page, I’m fed up with the cycling world, it makes me want to vomit,” he said. “I’m fed up with everyone in cycling. They already wanted me to stop when I came back but now enough’s enough, Riccò is no more."
So now it's on to his new career as a Mixologist in the Italian Rivera where he'll undoubtedly be entertaining tan leather skinned old ladies until found dead in a hotel room ala Marco Pantani.

But until then he's got this to look foward to.


Saviors of the Sport Sunday---Jeremiah Bishop

Picked up the the win at the opening round of the US Pro XCT at Bonelli Park in California
The man is due a breakout year after years of working his ass off. Dedicated to clean racing and one of the nices guys on the bike.

"Shut Up Legs"

 "Grand Tour" general classification racers are in a doping arms race rather than a bike race. All things equal, man against man Voight would have won 10 Tours.


Marco Arriagada Was So Close, Like He Won It Close

OOPS! Tested positive for an 'anabolic substance' during the 2011 National Tour of Chile.

Laugh It Up Now Fat Boy

You see chuckles here. His name is Manolo Saiz. He use to be the boss of ONCE and Liberty Seguros. Then he went into a "self-imposed" absence from cycling when the shitstorm hit the fan. But now in an interview with Spanish press and radio he's puffing himself up and talking trash. He claims that he and everyone else involved in the Operación Puerto inquiry will be declared “innocent” and he believes  Alberto Contador will win the Tour de France this year. Wonder if he too found enough cash in a plain brown paper bag to drop off at a door step in Switzerland? 

An Asshole From The Begining