Sunday With The Dark Lord

Two Wheels and One Dark Lord is where it all started.
The evil step-father of cycling blogs for 10 years has been the bench mark of consistency. With two dozen contributors added over the years it's the first read each day for cyclist all over the US. Catching us up on everything from cycling history, current doping Douchebags, local AZ to international racing and the horror of 'rider down.' Once a boys club with daily porn links it cleaned up the act about 5 years ago and just last year added the first female contributor, Judi, who has no problem leaving it all out on the trail and brings a rugged sensitivity to the blog with her posts.
Along with great the contributors comes a healthy amount of comments adding a variety of opinion humor and at times argumentative back and forth that will become bitchy. At times heated enough to warrant a 'time out' by the admin.
DC for years to come will be in the favorites file of anyone who hangs a leg over the top-tube turns a crank and has a drink. Long Live Drunk Cyclist.

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Judi said...

thanks for the nice words yo.

judi (dc contributor)