The Little Mennonite Who Could

                                                   Possibly bring down the UCI   

It's obvious that the UCI has no real interest in helping enforce international law unless it benefits it's own bottom line.                                 

 "Alexander Vinokourov, Iban Mayo and Cristian Moreni have been cleared criminal charges stemming from doping violations that occurred during the 2007 Tour de France, it was announced by the public prosecutor in Pau, France, on Thursday." velonews

"However in the absence of evidence, and the UCI’s refusal to hand over blood or urine samples that would prove they had broken French law, presiding judge Céline Pages-Couderc said she had no option but to clear all three riders of any wrongdoing, according to the public prosecutor for Pau, Jean-Christophe Muller." velonews

The UCI suing Floyd is the best thing that could happen if Dick Pound got behind Landis. (that sentence is hilarious)
Anyway, the UCI is stepping on it's dick with this move of suing Floyd in Swiss court. It's a lose, lose for
Old Patty McQuaid. If they win in court, which they probably will due to the home field advantage, then what have the won? There's not much of anything the UCI can do. If the UCI loses then a loss is a loss. Either way the cockroaches have turned the light on themselves.


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Is Levi for the gays?

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Sorry...I meant Floyd!