Who Don't Dope Sunday, Cadel Evans (Supposedly)

   He shows passion (code for mood swings)
 win in the seventh stage of the Giro d'Italia

And who doesn't want to have a good cry after 100+ miles in the rain . Yet I find his roid rage behavior suspect. But I certainly understand wanting to bitch-slap some grabbie handed "reporter" when you've just drilled it for 5 hours in a stage of the freaking Tour day France. So for now Cadel you get the benefit of the doubt.
But don't disappoint me, you wouldn't like me when I'm disappointed.


Anonymous said...

look at those mandibles...bigger than the govenator' doubt in my mind where they came from..HGH, Roids...all of the above

Anonymous said...

Cadel was kicked in the head by a horse at age 8 and in a coma for a week. Doctors didn't think he would walk again. Sure Cadel isn't the best in front of cameras and shows a bit of passion every now and then but i think its possible its linked to this incident. I think we should be praising Cadel for his fighting spirit not trying to smear him with some unfounded drugs comments.

Anonymous said...

If there is one person on the tour that is not a drug cheat it is Cadel. You tards obviously have no idea how to spot a drug cheat. They are always nobodys who do way above their norm. Cadel has been great all his career.