Product Review
Time ASX Titan Carbon Crankset
Current Price MSRP: $ 1,427.94

 Someone brought a bike to the shop with a set of these cranks on it wondering if we had the "Time" to possibly fix this issue.

 I've known about these cranks ever since I was on a ride in 2007 and witnessed a guy forced to do a one legged drill while the non-drive-side crank arm was dangling attached to his cleat.
It seems as though Time decided to do all the R&D for this crankset using feedback from people who bought them.
A couple of R&D engineers can be found here discussing some of the finer points of the cranksets performance.
Aside from a small amount of chain ring bolt disintegration there also seems to be a problem with the carbon/titanium interface. Fanciness for saying the glue used has a shelf life of 4 years to around 45 minutes.
So at any moment during a ride/race the through axle releases from the chainring spider. Now who says road riding is boring with that kind of uncertainty and excitement at every pedal stroke. 

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