That's Fucked Up Friday, A Doper Story From The Past

Imagine doing all the right things to get ready for an event. Eating right, training right, not doping, all in preparation for an unsanctioned short hill climb race for charity. It's a special day, your Dad and Grandfather are there at the finish. Both who have done this race one time or another in it's past 34 years. There's a lot of big name racers and riders participating and you really want to do well because it's your second year as a pro cyclist and a chance to prove you're a climber.

Then this guy shows up after being suspended for 2 years by the UCI for doping and ruins it for everyone.

What the hell is he doing here?

Oh that's right, it's an unsanctioned event for charity so he's not band from participating.    

2006 Mount Washington Hill Climb
1 Tyler Hamilton                       52.21
2 1 Ned Overend                           2.20
3 2 Ian Ayers                                 6.12

You would have thought somebody might have raised hell. Maybe somebody did, but certainly never these guys

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Ian said...

Fucking right!