Cyclist Riccardo Ricco Called For Questioning

ROME (AP) — Italian cyclist Riccardo Ricco has been called for questioning by the doping prosecutor of Italy's Olympic Committee.
In English but with a very thick Italian accent;

IOC: "Riccardo, it has come to the attention of the IOC that when you were hospitalized for kidney failure you repeatedly informed the attending physician of a self transfusion using your own blood stored in the refrigerator."

RR: "That's-a not-a what-a happened, as-a you know-a I have a dream-a. To become-a the worlds best-a Bartender-a. It's-a true-a that I had-a my own blood-a in the Frigidaire-a but it was-a being used-a with de celery and the Vodka-a. The best-a Bloody Mary-a is made-a with your own blood-a...No?"

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