Whats With This Shit (product review)

I wanted a 29er single speed mountain bike. I had 2, 26" single speeds. So all I needed was a 29er frame, 29" wheels and a 29er fork. Really there's not much left to get after that and whatever that was, was hanging off the one 26" SS I never rode.
The next step was to find the frame. I knew what wheels I wanted,  Hive Hubs laced to Stans rims. For the fork, find something as cheep as I could on Ebay. Some Rock Shox POS works for me. Fill it full of air and dial it down to just enough give so my old ass wrists don't get beat to shit.
The frame though had to be something different and something I felt wasn't bullshit. I wanted custom but only had an off the rack budget. I like weird, cause I'm weird like that, and remembered a site I cruised a couple years back as I was searching Internet Porn. Then I was talking to a friend (yes, I have one) and out of the blue he mentioned rear drop outs he saw on a single speed that were eccentric (or whatever) instead of the bottom bracket. So the two of us stood there geeking out on crank torque, BB stability and wheel adjust ability until we both had huge boners then accidentally crossed swords having to awkwardly walk in different directions. This wouldn't have been a big deal if we weren't on the convention floor of the NAHBS.
Sooo,,, after getting the hell out of there I headed home to search some more bike porn then look for a place in the US to buy this frame. I wasn't about to send my hard earned cash strait to Canada, I needed a middle man. There's no telling what kind of terrorist activities are going on north of the border and you have to admit this looks a little sketchy.
 Now the search was on but not long. Typing only 'misfit ps' into google I got the thumbs up.
A short email led to other emails that led to some Pay Pal'ing that led to me getting the wheels laced and the diSSent AL Raw Frame from the thumbs up guy. The build went great but with no gears and derailleurs and crap what build wouldn't. This bike is 'point and pedal,' an unfair advantage. Very light and stupid strong, I'm trying to break it. Climbs big with a 32x21 and slams the down hill.
The other 26" single speed I have? Gave it to the nephew until he gets the cash for some Misfit Shit.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Very nice. That head tube badge is killer. I've got a handlebar from Misfit on my commuter. I like the extra sweep.

Obviously it goes without saying: have fun on the new ride.

Peter Keiller said...

crossed swords...not that there's anything wrong with that.

as for the terrorist activities...agreed...but only if you're speaking to (of age) private school girls...