Cheating On A local Level...Awkward

It's going to be really uncomfortable on the Saturday morning group ride in North Carolina when this guy shows up.
Peter Cannell seems to like the "juice" and apparently didn't think he'd be tested out of competition. I mean it's just Masters Road Racing for gods sake. What's so wrong about an old dude getting a little help building muscle along with keeping form in the off season? It's not like he's on the EPO and stuff. He just races around office parks - NASCAR Tracks and the occasional downtown closed coarse. It's not at all like real road racing. Sure he wins a bunch of the BAR points and has a "coaching" business along with a USA Cycling Masters Champion Jersey but it's all just amateur bike riding.
Wait a second, what's my point? I don't know. I guess the guy just got tired of sucking at bike racing. Now, he just sucks.

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