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Date: Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 8:05 AM
Subject: mechanic position

Came across this add in BRAIN and although it would appear a little late I'm interested in making a move from the shop I wrench for now to a 'bigger market.' 
Just a quick about me; I have been in the bike industry since 2001 when I helped open a shop in the Tidewater area. 6 months later a second shop opened and due to me being a 'quick study' along with having my own multi tool, I became the service mgr. of the first shop. 
 A year and a half later after attending QBP's Frostbike and meeting real bike shop business owners I realised that the shop had no chance of turning a profit so I looked for another opportunity. That shop shut down in 2005.
  I was able to pick up what I thought was temporary employment in a 'boutique shop' as a bench wrench. This shop has only been breaking even each year so any advancement in position and pay has not been possible even though I grind out repairs (part time) each week to around $1500 to $2000 with only about a 15% 'return tune up' which I have to do for free and feel is unfair.
I'd appreciate a reply with information on operations/commission percentages/hours/what your shop jerseys look like/can I wear shorts and flip flops/what is your drug testing policy/is there a happy hour and do I have to work weekends?
thank you, Frank

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B Rose said...

I think you will have to work Saturdays :)