Time-Sports Cessions De Nouveau

I've always lived by the motto, "if you don't have something smart ass to say then don't say anything at all."
I don't plan on ignoring that in today's post but I'm compelled to start off with "something nice" to say about Time-Sports then immediately follow with smart-assery.
It's a good idea to fill out the warranty card and send it in whenever you buy something as expensive as any Time component. The 5 year old Titian Crankset that came into the shop the other day had issues from the start in 2006 when released to the unsuspecting public. You know the public I'm talking about. Charity ride/race specialists on 7 thousand dollar 15 pound carbon road bike master pieces banging out centuries for the Livestrong Foundation in 12 hours and 35 minutes. Well as the chainring bolts loosened and the crank-arms fell off and the drivesides released from the through axle the complaints started showing up in forums on the intertubes. This caught the attention of Time, along with some unpleasant emails (I'm assuming) and Time stepped up.
A nicely worded email voicing concern about "manufacturing defects" was sent to Time-Sports and a response was received the next day simply saying "send it in and we'll replace with a new crankset."
Damn! We were just excited to get a reply!
We mailed out the old and in came the new.
It's nice but Time-Sports being French surrendered as always by using an FSA Ceramic (?) BB. The original BB was the best thing about the Titian system. Amazingly engineered titanium through axle sleeve that interlocked the cup bearings. where as that BB was a beautiful piece of bike porn this FSA BB is a lot like HBO After Dark, it gets the job done but you'll feel a little disappointment.

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